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Video Pipe Inspection

We have specialized equipment that allows us to inspect the interior integrity of your plumbing without making a big mess or damaging homes or lawns.

This also allows us to find specific problem areas that may be hidden behind walls or under ground.

  • Sewers, Drain Lines, Septic Lines, House and Service Laterals, Vent Stacks, Heating & Ventilation Ducts, Conduits, Chimneys, Interior of Walls, Narrow Crawl Spaces, Attics, House Clean-Outs, Hard to Reach Areas.
  • Able to record a video of the inside condition of the line, including footage counter determining approximate location of the problem area.
  • Allows for a more surgical repair of the problem area, therefore reducing the cost of the repair.

Pipe Locating

  • Locate: Offset Joints, Broken Pipes, Protruding Lateral, Off Grade Pipe, Leaking Joints, Recessed Taps, Cracked Pipe, Root Obstruction/Intrusions Blockages, Corrosion, Infiltration, and Collapsed Pipes.
  • Trace/Locate and measure the depth of most types of sewer or drainage pipe, 2″ diameter and larger
  • Give Location and depth of problem area eliminating guesswork.
  • Allows for spot repair of the problem area, significantly reducing the cost of repair.